True Groom Confessions

Do you ever wonder what grooms talk about when they’re alone? What kind of secrets do they keep? Well, we asked a few brushers to…

2 years ago


What’s In Your Ring Bag?

Brooke Nicholls has groomed for some of the biggest stables in Canada. Whether a professional groom or just a helpful friend or spouse volunteering for the…

3 years ago


So You Think You Can Groom?

From being called entitled and lazy to being accused of ruining the horse industry, Millennials tend to get a pretty bad rap. It’s said they…

3 years ago

Horse Play

You Know You’re a Groom When…

Thirty-four #GroomProblems that prove you are, without a doubt, a full-fledged groom. (In case you were too tired to tell.) About the Author When she’s…

3 years ago


The Groom’s 10 Commandments

At the dawn of time, when showjumpers were still riding unicorns and all-weather footing was the stuff of imagination, the very first groom stood atop…

3 years ago


Ode To The “Farmily”

When you get there in the morning, do you feel like you’re home? When you look around at the grooms, riders, and trainers do you…

3 years ago

Horse Play

ABCs of Being a Groom

B is for boots Splint boots. Open fronts. Bell boots. Shipping boots. Grooms need to know their boots. Some poor saps even have to polish…

4 years ago