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How/What to Watch: CHIO Aachen

CHIO Aachen should be declared an international holiday for equestrians.

Between the 5* show jumping and 4*/ 5* dressage, elite eventers and four-in-hand heavyweights, it’s a fun fair of epic equestrian proportions, no matter which discipline you favor. And it’s all being streamed live from Germany.

The downside for North Americans: You’re going to have to get up at the crack of dawn (and sometimes earlier…) to catch all the excitement. You should probably call in sick this week.

Here’s what’s on for the week at CHIO Aachen:

Wednesday, June 28

Thursday, June 29

Friday, June 30

Saturday, July 1

Sunday, July 2

*All times ET

All classes are streaming on ClipMyHorse.

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