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Steph’s Stuff: Fly Protection

Fly season is officially here, and I am worried that I might never get the smell of fly spray out of my clothes.

And while frequent fly spray showers are a necessary evil this time of year, it wears off after a while, and my horses get nasty bites and then super annoyed—especially on their legs.

These Kensington Protective Fly Boots are the best product I have found to stop flies and gnats from irritating legs. They provide so much protection, and they actually stop my horses from stomping their feet in frustration (specifically my highly sensitive, retired mare who spends a lot of time in turn out).

These boots are made from Textilene fabric, which is sturdy enough to stand up on its own and helps keep the boots in place. I love the fleece trim for added protection and comfort.

Kensington Protective Fly Boots, $34

I love this English Navy option, but Kensington makes a ton of other color combinations so you can pick whichever suits your style best!

Kensington also makes a matching SureFit Protective Fly Sheet (also made of Textilene) that is both fly and insect resistant and offers 73% UV rating. Best of all, you can use it year round. In the summer months, the 78% air permeable and non-heat transferring fabric help your horse stay cool. In the winter, use the soil- and mildew-resistant sheet as a top layer to increase the life of your turnout rugs and keep the snow directly off the waterproof blanket.

Kensington SureFit Protective Fly Sheet, $180

Of course you can’t forget the favorite hot spot of irritating flies—the face.

I love the lightweight and stretchy Amigo Fine Mesh Fly Mask. The soft fleece binding and a contoured design give it a snug fit. Bonus: lighter colored masks are easier to find in the field if a friend “helps” you horse shed a layer.

Amigo Fine Mesh Fly Mask, $20

Here’s to a safe fly season.

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