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Steph’s Stuff: The Fly Sheet

We are getting dangerously close to fly season. (Related: did anyone else read about the cicada bloom that’s happening this year?! No thanks.)

I’m a planner. I like to make sure I have my fly control arsenal stockpiled for the upcoming season well in advance, so now is when I am buying fly sheets, fly spray and any and all additional fly repellent merchandise.

I’m also a coordinator. I like each of my horses to have their own fly sheet to make sure they are comfortably and adequately protected. If they match, all the better!

This summer, all mine will be wearing this TuffRider number. I love that it’s only 130 gram mesh (our summers get blistering hot and unfortunately our paddocks don’t have a lot of shade). This is a great weight to allow maximum breathability and airflow.

The attached neck cover makes it super easy to keep track of all necessary pieces, and provides that extra coverage from annoying flies.

And the rose color is incredibly striking and pairs well with every horse coat!

TuffRider Comfy Mesh Combo Neck Fly Sheet, $49.95

Plus, it comes in an assortment of sizes and it’s under $50! Let’s get organized!

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