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#ROOTD: Barn Chores Edition

While I wish all my days were spent riding horses through fields of flowers or jumping from horse show to horse show, for better or worse, much of my time is spent simply working in the barn.

I feed, muck, scrub water buckets, stack hay bales…all the glamorous parts of horse ownership. So what do we wear when we are not riding? Let’s take a look.

I am obsessed with this dark green Horseware polo. It’s a classic silhouette, the buttons are flattering and I love the white, horse print embroidery.

Horseware Flamboro Polo, $49.95

I’m pairing the polo with these boot cut tights from Irideon. The cut is super flattering on all body types and the fabric wicks away moisture (which I need after mucking 10 stalls in the morning). Plus, it has four-way stretch panels, which allow me to move, bend, and lift without chafing or getting unflattering bulge. Bonus: They are made right here in the USA!

Irideon Issential Boot Cut Tights, $79.95

Other people seem to have mastered the hose. I have not. I am constantly spraying myself with water whenever I rinse out feed buckets or fill waters. These work boots from Ovation are my saving grace. They are waterproof (necessary) with grip soles so you won’t slip in the wash stall. And they fit perfectly under the boot cut tights.

Ovation Mudster Mid Calf Barn Boot, $69.95

We feed at 7 a.m., and it’s still a little chilly at that hour. This Horze sweatshirt over my polo keeps the nip at bay. The front pockets have zippers, perfect to keep my phone and protein bars tucked safely away. I love the sporty text on the back of the collar, too—such a fun and contemporary design detail.

Horze Luna Sweatshirt, $62.37

Even though I have my cell phone on me at (almost) all times, I always wear a wrist watch. This Optimum stop watch has a classic display screen, which makes it easy to read when on the go. Technically, it’s an eventing watch. I use it to time myself when mucking stalls. (I have a highly competitive nature, even out of the ring…) With its easily set timers and options to count up or down and beep at predesignated times, it encourages my inner neurosis—and I like that. (Don’t judge me.)

Optimum Time Compact Stop Watch, $120

See you in the barn aisle! But for real: how long does it take you to muck a stall?

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