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Kristy Lake Is the Sock Whisperer and It’s as Weird as It Sounds

You’ve heard of horse whisperers. Kristy Lake is a sock whisperer.

The first sock whisperer, in fact. Likely the last one too. Because what Kristy does defies logic, science, and, well, sanity.

She talks to socks.

And, what’s even more surprising, the socks talk back.

At least, that’s what the brainchild behind Dreamers & Schemers boot socks tells us. Whether she has the gift of the gab with footwear or is a fraud with a clever marketing plan, only the socks can say. Or, not say, as the case may be.

You should probably just watch the video already.

Find out more about the weird and wonderful world of Kristy’s sock friends at Dreamers & Schemers. Just don’t tell her we sent you. 

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