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ABCs of Being a Groom

ABC's of grooming-vowels

B is for boots

Splint boots. Open fronts. Bell boots. Shipping boots. Grooms need to know their boots. Some poor saps even have to polish those of their riders.

C is for currying

Because shiny coats take elbow grease.

D is for dressage

I certainly don’t envy whoever washes all those white polos.

F is for FEI

More rules, bigger jumps, tougher competition.

G is for Grand Prix

The most exciting class of the week!

H is for hunters

Shout out to the grooms who get up the earliest and lunge the most.

J is for jumpers

I may be biased. But I feel like it’s the discipline with the most glamour.

K is for kicking

Horseshoes hurt. Make sure you stay out of their way!

L is for legs

Know every tendon, obsess over the slightest swelling. Rub. Poultice. Wrap. Legs are key.

M is for mucking

Poop is a huge part of this life.

N is for needy

Because we can hardly sit down for 10 minutes.

P is for polo

Where the grooms ride one horse and lead like 4 others at the same time. Isn’t that scary?

Q is for questioning why you work this hard

Because we’ve all been there.

R is for ribbons

Everything they told you about having fun is a lie. Ribbons are what matter.

S is for Showsheen

Because tidy tails are a big deal.

T is for tack

Clean it. Condition it. Check the stitching. Love it like your newborn child.

V is for vets

The only people other than your grooms who will come if you call them in the middle of the night.

W is for wrapping

Seriously, legs are key.

X is for x-rays

Hopefully, you only need them for the vet exam on the Warmblood you’re thinking of importing from Holland.

Z is for the zzzs we need more of

Because we’re tired. So. Tired.

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