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15 Ways to Know Your Car Has Become Your Tack Room


Fake riders are easy to spot: their hands are smooth and their vehicles are *gasp* CLEAN! 


1. You say, “I can drive!” and your friends are like…

2. This cat is the only thing from the barn that’s not in your car right now. (Thank you Saddlefly.)



3. But there are other cats in your car, obvs.

4. New boarders have mistaken your car for the vet.


5. And the farrier.


6. You say your car smells like “leather”. What you imagine:



7. What everyone else imagines:


8. You’re constantly scraping the bottom of the laundry barrel.

9. Royal Pine Pinterest is a highlight of your day.


10. This is how the car wash manager hands back your keys.


11. You haven’t opened your trunk since 2012.



12. But if you did, you’d probably find this.


13. Tack sales come to you.



14. Your car art is award-winning.



15. At any point, this has happened.


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