Stories from the Heart

Zara and her favorite therapy horse, Snoopy. ©Janice Friddle

Stories from the Heart

Out of Darkness

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) really should be identified as Triggered Traumatic Stress Disorder. The obvious reference to a past event or events doesn’t begin…

1 month ago
©Amanda Hensley

Amateur Hour

On Thin Blood

I’m sick. Not like *cough cough* I’ve got a cold sick. The kind of sick you can’t see. And you don’t always tell people about…

1 month ago
(Via - Revelwood Geronimo)


Don’t Call My Horse Ugly

This morning I shared a photo of my horse, Spike. I posted in a couple of Facebook groups that I belong to, and within literally…

2 months ago
©Santa Anita Park


The Heart of the Breeders’ Cup

I’m not a blueblood. At least not in the racing industry. My father was not a famous trainer. My mother did not own Secretariat. My…

2 months ago
Skylar trying Preston before buying him.


Why We Do This

I went through a horrible horse sale a few months ago. The buyers weren’t honest with their abilities nor their expectations, and I didn’t investigate hard…

3 months ago
©Sarah Mills


A Tribute to Tiger

The connection we as humans have with animals, is one of the most primal and spiritual that we will ever hope to know. As we…

3 months ago