Horse Rescue

Horse Rescue

Letting Go of Mary Lou

Animals do not have the free will to pick their owners and pick their jobs. That is always decided for them. I like to think…

5 months ago

Horse Rescue

Loved ‘Til Their Last Day

This is a discussion of a very sensitive topic that elicits powerful emotions. Just stay with me ’til the end, it’s important. We’ll get through…

8 months ago

Horse Rescue

For the Love of the Horse

I got the text message Monday afternoon. I had known about the neglect case for quite some time as my good friend Carrie Gilbert had…

12 months ago

Horse Rescue

A Second Chance for Mercy

Equestrian brand ambassadors are a dime a dozen these days. Swoon-worthy hundred-thousand dollar horses and their riders promoting everything from bits and boots to nasal…

1 year ago