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Groom 4

Horse Play

You Know You’re a Groom When…

Thirty-four #GroomProblems that prove you are, without a doubt, a full-fledged groom. (In case you were too tired to tell.) About the Author When she’s…

4 months ago


How to Survive a Rider Attack

Riders! They’re out there and they’re dangerous. Whether you happen upon one in their natural habitat or are approached by one unawares on the street, we’ve…

4 months ago
Kent Farrington and Voyeur posted only a time fault today. ©FEI/Richard Juilliart

Horse Play

Because #KentFarrington

Now that the roar of the Olympics is over, it’s time to refocus our attention on the important things in life. Specifically, Kent Farrington. And…

5 months ago


#MortifiedMonday with Lauren Kieffer

Imagine you’re a budding professional and you land a new sponsor. But not just any new sponsor. A top tier sponsor. A change-your-life-and-put-your-wildest-dreams-within-reach kind of…

6 months ago