Carleigh Fedorka


The Vicious Cycle

One of my students came up to me a few weeks ago and started listing her goals for the season. Being a goal oriented person…

2 months ago


Humble Pie

I woke up at 6am this morning and refused to leave my bed. It was a bitter 8 degrees outside in Lexington so instead I…

3 months ago


An Equestrian Christmas Miracle

Today, I am a confident rider because of a thoroughbred stallion named Empire Maker. I learned to love thoroughbred sport horses again because of Empire…

3 months ago


The Best Useless Colt Ever

The life of a broodmare manager is not a glamorous one, which means that the life of the significant other to a broodmare manager isn’t…

4 months ago


The Heart of the Breeders’ Cup

I’m not a blueblood. At least not in the racing industry. My father was not a famous trainer. My mother did not own Secretariat. My…

5 months ago


A Life of Showmanship

When I was a small child I earned the nickname “Ramrod”. My beloved Uncle Bob would giggle as he watched my evil pony attempt to…

7 months ago


A Horsewoman Scorned

“He hit me again.” “Can you see this bruise?” “It wasn’t his fault, I was in his way.” These were the messages my girlfriends received…

7 months ago


Riding Isn’t a Sport…

“Riding isn’t a sport,” the article reads. “YA? Well you try to control a 1200 lb horse with your pinkie,” the meme retorts. “Why doesn’t…

7 months ago


Love the One You’re With

I went on vacation last week, and as a guilty pleasure, picked up one of my moms romance novels. It was titled “Love The One…

8 months ago


A Barn Family

I can remember the woman striding towards me down the cement aisle way, the heels of her paddock boots clinking with each step. Her bright…

8 months ago

Horse Rescue

For the Love of the Horse

I got the text message Monday afternoon. I had known about the neglect case for quite some time as my good friend Carrie Gilbert had…

9 months ago


When the Fairytale Becomes a Nightmare

Last year’s most intoxicating horse racing story not involving American Pharoah was that of the perfectly named and impossibly fast colt, Runhappy. As the 3-year-old…

9 months ago

Amateur Hour

Defending the Suck

I was emailed by the United States Equestrian Federation last week with an inquiry. Someone had filed a complaint into my amateur status and they…

10 months ago


Personal Goals: Finish

Yesterday was the first show of the season for many of us here in Kentucky, the Paul Frazer Memorial Combined Test at the Kentucky Horse…

1 year ago