Carleigh Fedorka


The Vicious Cycle

One of my students came up to me a few weeks ago and started listing her goals for the season. Being a goal oriented person…

4 months ago


Humble Pie

I woke up at 6am this morning and refused to leave my bed. It was a bitter 8 degrees outside in Lexington so instead I…

5 months ago


An Equestrian Christmas Miracle

Today, I am a confident rider because of a thoroughbred stallion named Empire Maker. I learned to love thoroughbred sport horses again because of Empire…

5 months ago


The Best Useless Colt Ever

The life of a broodmare manager is not a glamorous one, which means that the life of the significant other to a broodmare manager isn’t…

6 months ago


The Heart of the Breeders’ Cup

I’m not a blueblood. At least not in the racing industry. My father was not a famous trainer. My mother did not own Secretariat. My…

7 months ago


A Life of Showmanship

When I was a small child I earned the nickname “Ramrod”. My beloved Uncle Bob would giggle as he watched my evil pony attempt to…

9 months ago


A Horsewoman Scorned

“He hit me again.” “Can you see this bruise?” “It wasn’t his fault, I was in his way.” These were the messages my girlfriends received…

9 months ago


Riding Isn’t a Sport…

“Riding isn’t a sport,” the article reads. “YA? Well you try to control a 1200 lb horse with your pinkie,” the meme retorts. “Why doesn’t…

10 months ago


Love the One You’re With

I went on vacation last week, and as a guilty pleasure, picked up one of my moms romance novels. It was titled “Love The One…

10 months ago


A Barn Family

I can remember the woman striding towards me down the cement aisle way, the heels of her paddock boots clinking with each step. Her bright…

10 months ago

Horse Rescue

For the Love of the Horse

I got the text message Monday afternoon. I had known about the neglect case for quite some time as my good friend Carrie Gilbert had…

11 months ago


When the Fairytale Becomes a Nightmare

Last year’s most intoxicating horse racing story not involving American Pharoah was that of the perfectly named and impossibly fast colt, Runhappy. As the 3-year-old…

11 months ago

Amateur Hour

Defending the Suck

I was emailed by the United States Equestrian Federation last week with an inquiry. Someone had filed a complaint into my amateur status and they…

12 months ago


Personal Goals: Finish

Yesterday was the first show of the season for many of us here in Kentucky, the Paul Frazer Memorial Combined Test at the Kentucky Horse…

1 year ago