The Future of Equestrian Sport

I started 2017 by attending two big meetings—one which celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the Intercollegiate Horse Shows Association (IHSA), and one which heralded the…

2 months ago


The Struggle Bus

In most aspects of life I am an extremely goal oriented person. I am as competitive as they come, constantly striving to better myself. I…

3 months ago

Horse Health

Aging the Horse (or Not)

In 1885, Dr. Sydney Galvayne, born in Australia, but an adopted son of Ireland, published a book. Dr. Galvayne had developed a system of training…

3 months ago


Regular Husband

My husband is not my “horse show husband.” He’s my regular husband. He is supportive. He kindly ignores the show fees and board checks coming…

4 months ago


The OTTB “Letdown”

On almost every OTTB forum or article you’ll find an opinion about when to start transitioning a newly retired racehorse into a sport horse. “I…

5 months ago