Do Horses Have Emotions?

I’ve been asked a couple of times if I think that horses have emotions. People have wondered about animal emotions for a long time. For…

2 weeks ago


The Grateful Equestrian

What are you grateful for? That might seem like a strange question to ask an equestrian athlete, but the emotion of gratitude can help take…

3 weeks ago

Books and Film

Reality Check

Rider and writer Melinda Folse is just like most of us: juggling work, family, and horses is standard procedure, and with all that she’s trying…

3 weeks ago

Amateur Hour

Facing My Riding Anxiety

I am embarrassed to admit this, but I have some serious riding anxiety. I did not start riding with this fear of horses when I…

4 weeks ago


The Stallion Shuttle Show

Social media is a frenzy of opinions, from politics to ponies, and everything in between. But one abnormal topic recently caught fire in the frenzy…

1 month ago

Horse Health

Muscle Health for the OTTB

Transitioning a Thoroughbred from racehorse to sport horse is no easy task. The process of rehabilitating and retraining these amazing athletes for success in other…

1 month ago


Insane Photos Of Under Horse Will Astound You

Last year, Lithuanian photographer Andrius Burba achieved world wide fame for his incredible photos of cats shot from underneath a piece of glass. The series—titled “Under-cats”—was published in…

1 month ago


The Road Back to Riding

You’re middle-aged and you’ve decided you want to ride. It may be for the first time, or it may be after years out of the…

1 month ago