Horse Health

Feeding Yearlings

Whether you are prepping for sales and halter classes or trying your best to raise a healthy and sound youngster, careful attention to nutritional needs…

4 days ago

Pro Tips

Catch Me If You Can!

Ah, the wind in your face and your horse’s mane as he turns and snorts and shows you his heels! The carrots in your pockets,…

1 week ago

Hoof Care

The Art of Horsekeeping

After nearly four decades of horse ownership, I’ve finally come to a realization: horsekeeping is not a science, but rather an art. Sure, I’d prefer…

1 week ago

Horse Health

The Good Kind of Pressure

You know what’s great? When you can put your hands on your horse and make him feel better: rejuvenated when he’s tired, calm when he’s…

1 month ago


The “Deadly Sins” of Dressage

The ancient Greeks were among the first civilizations to stress the desirability of moderation, a virtue they called “sophrosyne”, as an antidote to the excesses…

2 months ago