The Dirty Life of a Clipper

“How much will it cost if you do the whole thing?” “About $150. I’m just doing this to pay my way through grad school.” “Uh-huh.…

21 hours ago

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Why the Rush?

There are many in-saddle scenarios where a horse may “rush”: during transitions, before fences, or whenever you pick up the trot or canter or ask…

1 week ago

Horse Health

Caring For the Orphan Foal

This time of year brings our new equine prospects into the world. When everything goes well, the hope and joy experienced with our foals is immeasurable.…

1 week ago

Horse Health

You Are Not A Bad Horse Owner

As anyone who has been around an equestrian knows, put ten horse lovers in a room and you’ll get 11 different opinions. We’re a passionate bunch with…

2 weeks ago

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DIY: Find the Source of Pain

In the past decade chiropractic work—for human, horse, and other animals—has been increasingly accepted by the mainstream as a viable means of easing or, in…

3 weeks ago


What’s In Your Ring Bag?

Brooke Nicholls has groomed for some of the biggest stables in Canada. Whether a professional groom or just a helpful friend or spouse volunteering for the…

4 weeks ago

Horse Health

Winterizing the Senior Horse

Although horses can survive a remarkable range of environmental conditions, surviving is not the same as thriving. Winter is hard on any horse but particularly…

1 month ago


Be. Do. Have.

In 1996 I participated in a three day, self-awareness workshop. It was enormously helpful and quite enlightening. One of many concepts I learned made a…

1 month ago

Horse Health

The 80-15-5 Rule

I am not a big fan of worry. As I’ve said many times, I think that people worry about their horses too much. Some concern…

2 months ago