Jorna Taylor

Jorna Taylor is your average obsessive horse owner, spending countless hours watching friends ride in circles in the dust or rushing home elated to find the new Dover catalog has arrived. She captures the more comical and interesting moments of her riding journey on her blog. Check it out at

Amateur Hour

My Horse Is My Spirit Animal

The Urban Dictionary defines “Spirit Animal” in this way: In pagan religions and systems, a spirit animal or totem is meant to be a representation…

2 weeks ago


Because #OBD Is Real (Part II)

It snowed this past weekend in Wisconsin—our first real snowfall of the year. No one should have been surprised we find ourselves in a winter…

4 months ago


“Sorry Mom”

“Sorry Mom.” Those were the first words that came out of a young girl’s mouth after her Pre-Short Stirrup classes at the horse show this…

11 months ago


When I Go

There has been another tragic death in the equestrian community, a life taken doing what she loved—this time an Australian eventer. I didn’t know this young woman personally, but I…

12 months ago


That Perfect Ride

That ride. I just had that perfect ride. You know the one – the one where it all clicks. The one where you ask him…

1 year ago


A Good Barn Dog

I’ve never met a barn dog I didn’t like. No, not the weekend-warrior type that is never let off-leash and barks while you’re trying to…

1 year ago



I can’t stand to be around me. I am short tempered and irritable. I hate just about everyone. I have been indulging far too often…

1 year ago


Free-Range Your Pony Kid

When I was a kid we were basically like free-range chickens at the barn. Our parents dropped us off early in the morning and we…

1 year ago