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Things People Who Are Not Eric Lamaze Might Win 25 Times

(And be really excited about)


Eric Lamaze won his 25th WEF Challenge Cup at the 2017 Winter Equestrian Festival (WEF) in Wellington, FL on Thursday.

Riding Fine Lady 5, the Canadian Olympic champion captured Round 5 of the $130,000 Ruby et Violette WEF Challenge Cup. During a CSI5* week, no less.

“She is really an unbelievable horse,” said Lamaze of the horse that captured him an individual bronze medal at the Rio Games. “I have said it before; no one wants to compare anyone to Hickstead, but she is getting there slowly. For me, it is going to be the second horse of a lifetime.”

Thursday’s victory marks the 14-year-old Hanoverian mare’s fourth career win in the WEF Challenge Cup series and Lamaze’s second of the year. (He won Round 3 with Houston.)

With six weeks to go, it’s more than likely he’ll add to that total. But let’s get back to the 25.

Because winning just about anything that frequently—let alone a 1.45m speed class—is a significant life accomplishment for most people. Imagine, for a moment, how you’d feel if you won a/an…

  1. Free coffee in Tim Horton’s annual “Roll Up the Rim to Win” sweepstakes
  2. Employee of the Month plaque
  3. “1000th Customer” gift (of any variety)
  4. $5 Scratcher card
  5. Pie eating contest
  6. Hot dog eating contest
  7. Any kind of eating contest
  8. “Most likely to drink too much at the annual Christmas Party” title
  9. Consolation prize
  10. Free movie tickets
  11. Socks from Dreamers & Schemers
  12. Surprise inheritance from your long lost Nigerian uncle
  13. Publisher’s Clearing House sweepstakes (allegedly)
  14. “Guess how many M&Ms are in this jar”
  15. Zelda
  16. World’s #1 Dad

You’d feel pret-ty great, right? Now imagine winning that thing 25 TIMES and you’ll have an inkling of what it’s like to be Eric “I’m just that fast” Lamaze.

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