Watch Boyd Martin Take a 1200 Pound Hit

Boyd Martin (USA) had many plans for the clinic he taught at Texas Rose Horse Park in Tyler, TX. Getting run over wasn’t one of them.

The Rio Olympian was unsuspectingly schooled in a hundred pounds of hurt whiling training the ditch last weekend. It’s a moment he’s no doubt delighted was captured on camera for Internet infamy.

And one that offers a rare bit of insight into the man.

For instance, in those fleeting 26 seconds we discover that the Australian-born American isn’t just an accomplished athlete and attractive face. Dude can take a 1200 pound hit like an NFL defensive end. (Hear the ‘Ooof!’? Classic Michael Strahan material.) Also, he slides a surprisingly long way on grass.

We learn that he’s got the comedy chops of an improv actor (“Not the instructor!”) and that in the arms of adversity he adheres to a classic walk-it-off/deny-your-pain-exists strategy. We also discover that he has a color sense of sock fashion. So when he limps after being squarely trampled by a runaway horse, its in a fun kind of way.

See Boyd in (re)action for yourself:

Okay, that looks like it hurt.

But don’t feel too bad. Because while there are no doubt bruises on his person after that intimate equine encounter, they’re bandaged in schadenfreude. Which is fun for everyone (else).

Feel better Boyd!

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