Jockey Interferes With Race So His Girlfriend Can Win

Yes, it’s as dangerously dumb as it sounds


Love makes people do dumb things. If for some reason you need scientific proof it’s right here, but you don’t because you have been or are currently in love and it has or will soon cause you to behave irrationally. And yes, this often leads to trouble…

Josh Cartwright is an aspiring jockey in South Australia. Or at least he was, because now the 22-year-old’s riding career is in serious jeopardy after an incident last weekend during a race at Morphetville Race Course in Adelaide. As the video clearly shows, Cartwright angles his fading longshot Senior Council sharply into a pair of fast closing rivals, effectively wiping them out contention and nearly knocking another rider out of the saddle completely. This little stunt all but gifted the race to the horse in front, who indeed held on for the win. It just so happens that horse, Murti, was being ridden by Cartwright’s gal-pal, Anna Jordsjo.


Fortunately, Cartwright’s antics did not result in any injuries to horse or rider, but the jock copped to his recklessness and has been suspended indefinitely as stewards figure out what to do with him. It’s safe to assume Cartwright will soon have plenty of time on his hands to plan his next romantic adventure. I think “forever” sounds like a pretty fair suspension.

Neither Cartwright or Jordsjo have commented on the incident. (Instagram/annaceciliej)
Neither Cartwright or Jordsjo have commented on the incident. (Instagram/annaceciliej)

“I don’t know what was going on at the time, but it is a shocking thing he has done,” said the trainer of Senior Council John Peacock.

Trainer John O’Connor’s charge House of Wax was one of the horses Cartwright veered into, and while obviously confounded by the ordeal, offered the kid a bit of a lifeline.

“I know that we get all sorts of interference in racing but this is way out of the realms that you would expect at any time,” O’Connor told the Sydney Morning-Herald. “But it’s not an excuse to nail him to the cross. Rather, shouldn’t we be having a look at his mental state?”

Why yes, we should, because clearly this jock is not thinking like a responsible professional nor even a decent human. He’s a jockey controlled by his jock. A fool for love. When Meatloaf wrote the lyrics “I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that”, this is the that.

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